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"Once I discovered that the voice is cristalized thought I modified my approach to teaching singing and began coaching the Being"


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This site is concerned with three things:
1 - The elimination of the lies that were inculcated in the student's mind since birth.
2 - The Transformation of the student, as the result of #1
3. The student's personal purpose in life.


GiL Magno
Vocal Coach/Author


With his beloved cat, "Little Boy"

From the Dregs of Existence to Total Personal Freedom in 24 Weeks




to Gil Magno's Path of Hidden Knowledge


What is it?  The Path of Hidden Knowledge is exactly that. Knowledge that is known only to 1% of the population of the world.  It was created by Gil Magno with the intention of transforming your whole life; from one of living as the effect of others, to one of being the complete cause of your life. 

On this Path there are 12 Courses; three on each Level of attainment; and there are 4 Levels.  Level 1 is called, Feet Firmly on the Ground; Level 2 is, Living with Others; Level 3 is, Life in Every Facet; Level 4 is, Ultimate Personal Freedom.  Course #1 of this Path is called, Guide to Personal Transformation, Self-Love and Contentment, and is given before the other transformation techniques of the advanced Courses. (Open Link)       

One's life is completely reviewd and repaired using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): Two Way Communication: Sentence Completion, and Regression. Now that one's life is squeaky clean, the student moves on to actual Confidence techniques. 

Life is a simple process for the most part, but all of us in this present society have been lied to into believing that everything is very  complicated.  This has happened because since birth we have never been educated as to why we came to this planet. Now earthlings can control you and take charge of your resources.  If you want to take charge of your life and never be a slave, of anyone or anything, ever again, you should take these courses seriously.

This system is not available anywhere else; it makes use of a secret of human intention in the voice that can create small miracles in your life, alone or with others.  It engages in a particular viewpoint based on reality and the laws of life and nature.  Your textbooks will be, Magno’s, Guide to Personal Transformation, Developing Confidence and Personal Magnetism, The Secret, and The Path of Hidden Knowledge-Create Your Own New World.

The other textbooks were writen by Webster Edgerly but revised and expanded by Magno. There is also a Course Manual that tells you what to study step by step. It consists of several  action/items that are studied gradiently at home then drilled at  the  class.  Among these items we include a very effective Purpose in Life Process. Read this whole page again, then resolve to get started!  But first, take a photo of yourself, so you can see yourself before and after the Transformations.





22 May 2007 - “Hello Gil Magno: What a fantastic website (content) anwhat a fantastic voice. I feel invigorated after reading about you and your approach to life – extremely inspiring – Thanks.”
Meiring  Muller,   South Africa.


"I am doing very well. I feel as though I'm a new person. I feel a new found sense of gravity, playfulness, and at homeness with myself and the universe. My senses are enlarged and I feel a new sense of sweetness about all life. Thank you for your great work. Feel free to use any words I write on your website. It would be an honor."

 Thanks again, Antoine Howard, Texas, USA 


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